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It’s raining fish and frogs!

Cases in which various types of animals come down with the rain are fairly rare, but they do go back for many centuries. The animals are almost always small ones such as frogs and the smaller breeds of fish, and … Continue reading

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The Mongolian Death Worm

Found in the Mongolian and Chinese parts of the Gobi desert, the Mongolian Death Worm is one of the more interesting of cryptids. Usually described as a large red worm with a length of about three feet and as thick … Continue reading

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Globsters are huge, shapeless lumps of tissue that have broken away from large sea animals such as whales during the process of decomposition. What does this have to do with the paranormal? Well, these things are often mistaken for actual … Continue reading

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Giant Squid Finally Filmed in Wild

Japanese scientists have captured some pretty cool footage of a giant squid, the first time anyone has filmed the creature in its natural habitat. Ever since specimens started washing up dead on beaches in the nineteenth century, the giant squid … Continue reading

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Black Eyed Children

What’s so scary about kids with black eyes? That’s what you first think when hearing that there are people out there who are terrified of Black Eyed Children. The problem is that we aren’t talking about normal black eyes, which … Continue reading

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