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The Loch Ness Monster Photographed At Last!

A bit hairier than expected, but then it’s also a lot cuter than expected so it all balances out.

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Mande Barung – The Indian Bigfoot

The Mande Barung is a cryptid rather like Bigfoot, except it speaks Hindi instead of English. While Bigfootsies lurks around the US and Beaver Land, the Mande Barung goes around hassling people in Northeast India and even in Bangladesh, where … Continue reading

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The Jersey Devil

Easily the most picturesque and imaginative of American cryptids, and reputed to hang out in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, the Jersey Devil is a critter commonly described as having the head of a horse, huge wings, fierce claws, … Continue reading

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The Haunting Of Clinton Road

Ten miles of winding, virtually deserted road surrounded by dense and deserted forest, New Jersey’s Clinton Road is exactly the kind of dark and lonely place where one would expect to see something ghostly… something eerie… something un-natural… The road’s … Continue reading

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The Haunting of Calvados Castle

Located in Normandy, France, Calvados Castle was the setting for one of the most extreme and infamous hauntings of the nineteenth century. From October 12, 1875 to September 1876, the castle was subject to a series of supernatural events so … Continue reading

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