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It’s raining fish and frogs!

Cases in which various types of animals come down with the rain are fairly rare, but they do go back for many centuries. The animals are almost always small ones such as frogs and the smaller breeds of fish, and … Continue reading

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Precognition is the ability to see into the future through means other than logical ones. It is a type of extrasensory perception and is also known as second sight. Precognition differs from premonition in that it is usually visual and … Continue reading

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No, not that 80s movie that ripped off Nigel Kneale’s Minuke. A poltergeist is a particular type of ghost distinguished by its noisiness. In fact, the word poltergeist is actually German for “noisy ghost.” As their name suggests, poltergeists make … Continue reading

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Out-of-body experiences

An out-of-body experience is the separation of one’s consciousness from the physical body. It is also commonly known by the theosophist term astral projection, and the term out-of-body experience is an attempt by parapsychologists to separate the phenomenon from such … Continue reading

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Oscar, The Cat That Sees Death!

We have all heard of cats and dogs that seem to know things that humans don’t. The dog that is unusually fretful just before an earthquake strikes, the cat that starts meowing loudly at the exact time that his owner … Continue reading

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