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Ballechin House – A Haunting of a Different Kind

Scotland’s Ballechin House was a haunted building with a difference, the difference being that its haunters were primarily of the hairy, four-legged variety. That’s right, small, hairy Scotsmen running around on all fours… In 1876 the house’s owner Major Robert … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Harper’s Ferry

The small town of Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia is best known as the place where abolitionist John Brown led an 1859 raid on an arsenal, intending to gather enough weapons to mount a slave revolt. After the failure of … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Adelphi Theatre

One night in 1897, as he was entering the Adelphi Theatre from Maiden Lane, a popular and much admired stage actor called William Terriss was fatally stabbed by a loony actor by the name of Richard Prince. As Terriss lay … Continue reading

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The Fox Sisters

Although they eventually admitted to being frauds, New York’s Fox sisters were the first people to be described as “mediums” as well as the catalysts for the nineteenth century’s Spiritualist Movement.Two rather dubious distinctions for two rather dubious women, if … Continue reading

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The Flying Dutchman

Easily the world’s most famous ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman is a ship forever doomed to wander the seven seas. One of the most common versions of the story ( there are many variations on the one theme ) is … Continue reading

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