The Altamaha-Ha

Its name alone gives the impression that this is one cryptid not to be taken seriously. Also known by the diminutive Altie, the creature’s name is derived from the river system in which it supposedly resides, the Altamaha River in the US state of Georgia. The extra ha at the end supposedly has something to do with a Native American language. Still, it makes you wonder if someone isn’t letting us know that our legs are being pulled.

An aquatic creature resembling a smaller version of Nessie, Altie is described as being around 20 feet long and snake-like with a circumference of 5-7 feet. It is also claimed to have a crocodile-like snout, bony ridges on the back, and large, protruding eyes. Most of the time it is described as a peaceful animal, except on occasions when it climbs out of the river and kills everyone in sight.Most reports, however, are of someone claiming to have simply bumped into it while swimming. A minority claims that it has behaved in a threatening manner and once even attacked a boat, but such instances seem to be very rare.

Though there have been at least a couple of hundred reported sightings and the creature can be traced back to Native American mythology, no evidence of this pigmy cousin of the Loch Ness Monster has ever been presented. For now, the Altamaha-ha is best filed under “Wait and see.”

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