The Mongolian Death Worm

MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM 28 SEP 2015 WEB SIZEFound in the Mongolian and Chinese parts of the Gobi
desert, the Mongolian Death Worm is one of the more interesting of cryptids.
Usually described as a large red worm with a length of about three feet and as thick as a
man’s arm, the worm is most notable for the way in which it kills its prey. No mere tooth
and claw job here! Oh no, the worm pounces from a hole in which it is hiding and either
electrocutes you to death or, if you are especially unlucky, douses you in acid! What a bastard! It is also
said to be so poisonous that merely touching it can lead to death, but that doesn’t seem so
bad compared to the acid bath.
The locals call it the Intestine Worm, which gives you a pretty good idea of what it looks
like, though some accounts also claim it sports some nasty looking spikes sticking out all
over the place, as well as some dark blotches. The creature is thought to live underground
and to spend most of the year hibernating, which is good news for locals with an aversion
to being either electrocuted or burnt with acid, but emerges in June and July when it has
been raining, which isn’t such good news.
Explorer Ivan Mackerle claims that the creature also has a strange method of locomotion,
which involves both rolling and at other times moving like an inchworm.
Over the last decade there have been several expeditions launched, but no one has
managed to come up with actual evidence of this fascinating creature’s existence.
Whether that is bad news or bad news I can’t say.

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