The Altamaha-Ha

Its name alone gives the impression that this is one cryptid not to be taken seriously. Also known by the diminutive Altie, the creature’s name is derived from the river system in which it supposedly resides, the Altamaha River in the US state of Georgia. The extra ha at the end supposedly has something to do with a Native American language. Still, it makes you wonder if someone isn’t letting us know that our legs are being pulled.

An aquatic creature resembling a smaller version of Nessie, Altie is described as being around 20 feet long and snake-like with a circumference of 5-7 feet. It is also claimed to have a crocodile-like snout, bony ridges on the back, and large, protruding eyes. Most of the time it is described as a peaceful animal, except on occasions when it climbs out of the river and kills everyone in sight.Most reports, however, are of someone claiming to have simply bumped into it while swimming. A minority claims that it has behaved in a threatening manner and once even attacked a boat, but such instances seem to be very rare.

Though there have been at least a couple of hundred reported sightings and the creature can be traced back to Native American mythology, no evidence of this pigmy cousin of the Loch Ness Monster has ever been presented. For now, the Altamaha-ha is best filed under “Wait and see.”

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It’s raining fish and frogs!

Cases in which various types of animals come down with the rain are fairly rare, but they do go back for many centuries. The animals are almost always small ones such as frogs and the smaller breeds of fish, and it is this lack of large animals such as tunas falling out of the sky that gives the phenomenon its credibility. The explanation most often put forward is that the animals are somehow swept out of bodies of water by a storm, updraft or tornado which carries them for miles before dumping them at the feet of shocked witnesses. Some times the animals are still alive, in most cases they are dead. In a minority of cases the animals are frozen solid, in some cases actually encased in blocks of ice. This is not hard to believe as a the higher you go the colder it gets, so it’s just a matter of the tornado or storm carrying the animals to a high enough altitude.

Though such occurrences are described as far back as ancient Egypt and may even be the basis of biblical tales about plagues, there is no shortage of events in modern times. In 1947, an American biologist was having breakfast in a Louisiana restaurant when the waitress informed him that those in the kitchen weren’t the only fish in the vicinity ; fish were pouring down from the sky. According to the man, when he went outside he found fish scattered all over the street and across the roofs of houses. Some of these fish he gathered up and preserved in jars of formaldehyde.

In 2008, villagers in the Indian town of Kandanassery witnessed a rain of small fishes late at night. As they were returning home, they felt something solid landing on their bodies. When they checked, they found small fishes. Some of the fishes were kept alive to be shown to the other villagers in the morning. In 2009, citizens across Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture were pelted by hundreds of dead tadpoles from the heavens. Unusually, this was not one isolated incident but several incidents happening at different times over a period of a few weeks. In one case, a man in Nanao heard a strange noise coming from a nearby parking lot. When he went out to see what could be causing such an unusual sound, he found over a hundred dead tadpoles scattered across the ground and the windshields of cars.

This phenomenon has been going on for so long that t is almost certain that such rains are bound to happen again. So remember, the next time it rains don’t just take an umbrella, take a fishing net as well

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Precognition is the ability to see into the future through means other than logical ones. It is a type of extrasensory perception and is also known as second sight. Precognition differs from premonition in that it is usually visual and fairly detailed, whereas premonitions are vague feelings that something is going to happen. If you get the feeling that aunt Thelma is going to visit, that is a premonition. If you have an image in your head of aunt Thelma at your door, that is precognition. If aunt Thelma phoned you that morning telling you that she was going to pop in, that is probably neither precognition nor a premonition, it just means your phone is in working order. Precognitions usually happen during dreams or during states of abstraction such as daydreams and reveries.

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No, not that 80s movie that ripped off Nigel Kneale’s Minuke.
A poltergeist is a particular type of ghost distinguished by its noisiness. In fact, the word poltergeist is actually German for “noisy ghost.” As their name suggests, poltergeists make their presence known not by becoming visible but by making various noises such as knocks and bangs, moving things around, causing things to break and occasionally even launching attacks against living humans, though
these attacks rarely cause serious injury.

Unlike other ghosts, poltergeists are prone to becoming attached not to a particular location but to a specific person, usually a child or teenager and usually a female — bloody perverts! Because of this, a haunting by a poltergeist cannot be remedied by moving to another house as the spirit will simply follow the individual it has become fixated on. This unusual fact has led to an alternative explanation for poltergeist activity.

Rather than see this phenomenon as the doing of mischievous ghosts, some experts see it as a type of unconscious psychokinesis. The theory is that individuals who are going through some stress in their lives are acting out that inner conflict by using psychic abilities they are not aware of possessing. This may also explain why the phenomenon is most common seen amongst the young, as it is believed that psychic ability wanes as a person grows up.

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Out-of-body experiences

An out-of-body experience is the separation of one’s consciousness from the physical body. It is also commonly known by the theosophist term astral projection, and the term out-of-body experience is an attempt by parapsychologists to separate the phenomenon from such philosophy-based terms.

During an OBE the detached consciousness is able to visit locations other than that occupied by the physical body. Some people claim to be able to visit not only different countries and galaxies but also different time periods while in this state. While some claim to be able to bring this separation about through conscious effort, most cases seem to happen spontaneously while the individual is asleep or in a state of deep relaxation. OBEs have also been reported during near death experiences, after taking psychedelic drugs and as a result of dehydration or starvation.

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