Arundel Castle

arundel castleLocated in Sussex, England, centuries-old Arundel Castle is said to be home to several wraiths, the most famous of which are described, rather briefly and lazily, below.

The Blue Man, so named because of his blue silk suit, is thought to be a Cavalier from the court of Charles the First. He has been seen in the castle since the 17th century and i usually spotted lurking around the castle’s library as if engaged in researching some important topic such as where one can buy cheap silk suits.

The shade of a girl dressed in white is said to roam the grounds around Hiornes tower on moonlit nights. The girl is thought to be the spirit of a young woman who threw herself off the tower after a love affair came to a bad end, or after she failed to get into a convent due to her dubious sexual history — versions vary on this point.

The castle is also host to yet another otherworldly being, this one a kitchen boy who was so badly abused during his lifetime that he met an early death. The boy is now seen in the kitchen, cleaning pots and pans, and plotting revenge in death as he did in life. Perhaps the most interesting of the castle’s otherworldly inhabitants is the phantom animal that warns of impending death. This creature manifests as a large white bird that flutters at the castle’s windows to warn of the imminent demise of a member of the family. Each time it has appeared, someone has indeed died, most famously Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 15th Duke of Norfolk in 1917, so i guess it’s like a banshee, but not as noisy or as badly dressed.

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