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Trust the Japanese to come up with a specter this bizarre! Nurikabe is a ghost of a different sort. It isn’t the ghost of a person, nor even an animal. It is the ghost of a wall, a huge white … Continue reading

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Documentary on The Winchester Haunted House

I wrote about the Winchester Haunted House a couple of months ago in this article. Since then i have run into this 1960s documentary that features a huge amount of footage of the house. The film is shot in the … Continue reading

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Borley Rectory

Located in a lonely and sparsely populated part of Essex, England, the village of Borley was at one time home to a Rectory reputed to be the country’s most haunted building. Though reports of hauntings date back to its very … Continue reading

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Black Eyed Children

What’s so scary about kids with black eyes? That’s what you first think when hearing that there are people out there who are terrified of Black Eyed Children. The problem is that we aren’t talking about normal black eyes, which … Continue reading

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Arundel Castle

Located in Sussex, England, centuries-old Arundel Castle is said to be home to several wraiths, the most famous of which are described, rather briefly and lazily, below. The Blue Man, so named because of his blue silk suit, is thought … Continue reading

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