The Pope Lick Goatman

Underneath a railway trestle seems a strange place for a cryptid to be living, but this is precisely what is happening in Louisville, Kentucky if some of the locals are to be believed.

For years there have been reports of a grotesque half-man, half-goat creature lurking around the railway bridge running over Pope Lick Creek. The creature is usually described as having the lower body of a goat, with furry, muscular legs, and a human torso. Though above the waist it is mostly human, it does have a pair of short horns sticking out of its head.

Not happy to just stand around looking freaky, the Goatman is said to use some form of hypnosis to lure people to their deaths on the trestle, where they will be struck and killed by a train. It’s also claimed that the creature can mimic human voices, so if you’re down Kentucky way and suddenly hear your Aunt Mabel calling you to come and have a nice, restful lie-down on some railway tracks, it’s best that you just keep a-walkin’. As is often the case, there are variations on the theme and some claim that the creature is so terrifying that simply the sight of it will make you leap to your death. Failing that, it’s also claimed that the creature attacks people with an axe and that it leaps from the trestle on to cars passing beneath it.

So if the Pope Lick Goatman does exist, what precisely is it? Some claim it is the result of a local farmer’s sexual perversions but that seems unlikely as I’m pretty sure a goat can’t really be crossed with a human due to incompatible DNA or something. Another version claims that it’s the result of a local farmer’s dealings with Satan. In this version the man sacrificed goats to his dark master in return for being allowed to come back from the dead so the Prince of Darkness, always looking for a good laugh, brought him back as a goat-man. The most popular version of the creature’s origin is that it is a circus freak that escaped back in the late nineteenth century when its tour train was struck by lightening. Everyone was killed in the resulting crash, except for the goatman, who lives on to this day, a-lurkin’ and a-killin’ despite being well over a hundred years old. As you can probably tell, I ‘m not taking this one too seriously, in fact, as cool as the idea of a goatman is, I would be very surprised if anyone ever got their hands on this particular cryptid.

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